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Masswood is a new type of forestry company that seeks to educate landowners and help them enjoy the recreational opportunities, wildlife, and diverse beauty of their forests. To most landowners "forest management" implies harvesting timber, but forest management should be much more than planning the occasional timber sale. At Masswood we seek to manage the forest ecosystem rather than just the timber resource. We write forest management plans that focus on wildlife, wetlands, recreation, and overall forest health. Many landowners are not aware of opportunities for improving their land until they walk through the woods with a forester from Masswood. For example, Masswood can plan and build a system of trails that lead to scenic or unique areas of the forest. Masswood can also create a GPS based map of the trails and write descriptions of the forest types and unusual features the trail visits. Small clearings can be created in the forest to provide wildlife habitat and wildlife viewing opportunities, or to enhance views of the surrounding landscape and nearby lakes and streams. Areas of the forest can be thinned to promote the growth of large or rare trees, which over time will result in a stand of trees that inspires awe and wonder. In other areas, understory vegetation can be removed so that people can easily walk and see through the forest. Masswood can also represent landowners who wish to create a conservation easement or otherwise protect their property in perpetuity.


Photo of Woods and Lake in Autumn

If timber management is one of the landowner's objectives, Masswood plans harvests that increase the health and productivity of the forest. Instead of removing all of the valuable trees, we often recommend the removal of low quality and unhealthy trees to promote forest health. We ensure that residual trees, wetland areas, and rare species are not damaged during the harvest. All of our foresters were trained at the Yale School of Forestry, and continue to conduct research into the best way to manage stands of timber in southern New England. The primary benefit of Masswood's style of forest management is a healthy, diverse, beautiful forest. Masswood's timber harvests generally produce immediate revenue, and they always improve long term standing timber value.

Masswood will help you understand and improve your forest. You will know that your land is changing for the better as a result of your stewardship, and you will derive great satisfaction from your land.



Photo of Woods in Springtime




Photo of Woods in Snowstorm

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